MoveMax Partnership
MoveMax is accepting business partners for transportation management systems in GPS, car insurance, auto spare parts, garage, tire changing business, fuel distribution business, cloud services business, etc. to become a part of One of Eco-Systems to grow together in a sustainable way

Advantage tobe join partner with MoveMax ?

Instant rewards

Affiliate earns rewards based on the highest affiliate level registration. Benefit instantly from sales

Generate continuous sales growth

MoveMax offers both perks of growing rewards. Developing feature updates and other products continually To support sales to partners at all levels of cooperation

Tools for sales

Support training for detailed product information Advice on how to use the system from an expert and various public relations media to market together with partners

No worries about taking care of technology.

MoveMax has a team of experts ready to give advice. Support and maintain the system for partners' customers to be ready to use the system at all times.

Worth the investment

Partners with intentions at all levels of cooperation will receive a clear return on their investment. Generate sales within the time period you have set goals to get results based on investment.

We aim to provide the new technology and innovative alternatives for the transport and logistics sectors to meet the real needs and goals of users and make the technology to easy accessible

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