VRP Software Solution

What is VRP? How is VRP important to logistics business?

Vehicle Route Planning Systems

Vehicle Routing Planning (VRP) is an automatic route optimization software.  VRP evaluates delivery destinations, distribution points, and real-time circumstances to arrange delivery orders in the most efficient way which  resulting in significant reduction of manual work. The system estimates delivery time and analyze accurate distance given the minimum cost, shortest route, the least number of vehicles used, least time consuming, most efficient method.


VRP Business Plugin

System to increase the capacity of vehicle route management 

The combination of TMS and VRP software enhances capability to calculate and analyze transport routes, delivery orders to get the best delivery plan possible.

Popular Feature

  • Flawlessly connected to TMS
  • Connect delivery order & shipping note to TMS
  • Connect transport vehicle data to TMS
  • Connect project data/distribution center

VRP Planning

System to route plan

VRP provides efficient routing management without manual work.

Popular Feature

  • Create planning
  • Add more Distribuition center
  • Set conditions of transport vehicle i.e., distance, amount, weight
  • Set conditions of toll fee, vehicle type
  • Support unlimited  vehicle by license
  • Latitude and longitude finder
  • Condition route by distance
  • Summary of delivery plan sorted by sequence of order automatically

Mapping solution

Manage delivery routing by utilizing map data 

It helps to organize the route planning systematically without having to spend time arranging the route with personnel.

Popular Feature

  • Use AI to calculate and find shortest route
  • Display routes and distances of each location
  • Display easier route
  • Display routes by transport vehicle
  • Display graphical perspective

VRP Summary

Summary Route Calculate

Infographic summary of route calculation, user-friendly, and convenient to use

Popular Feature

  • Summary numbers of vehicle used
  • Summary of total distance
  • Summary of total duration
  • Summary of all delivery destinations
  • Summary of the value percentage model for
    delivery and the density of the goods on the car
    each car

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