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Visualize Dashboard

Business Summary

Display business overview and crucial analytical data in form of charts, dimensional infographics to explore business insights, identify patterns, and speed up information gathering.

Popular Feature

  • Business overview
  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Revenue and expense summary report
  • Employee database
  • Profit and loss analysis
  • Distribution center
  • Vehicle Maintenance Tracking
  • GPS Tracking Overview

Vehicle Planning

Delivery Management Planning

Managing information and delivery service through dynamic template data import. No longer need to worry about managing template and importing data.

Popular Feature

  • Dynamic Template (Import DO)
  • Siparate delivery by data Import 
  • Create and Generate Shipping Note
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)
  • Auto Generate Delivery order
  • Delivery Tracking


Inventory management (Cross Docking)

Assist inventory management supervision, track, and monitor movements of online payment precisely anywhere and at any time.

Popular Feature

  • Track parcel status
  • Warehouse receiving (Linehaul)
  • Warehouse receiving (Unfinished)
  • Delivery order transfer
  • Transfer delivery order
  • Product lists
  • Product Position 

Delivery with Install

Installation and delivery management

Supporting delivery management with equipment installation enables you to evaluate time 

Popular Feature

  • Display installation status list
  • Display balance install cost
  • Create Installation template
  • Add Installation product lists
  • Device setup template to install
  • Point of type to install

Customer Relationship

Customer management systems

Customer appointment system, customer database, delivery tracking, and delivery approval.

Popular Feature

  • Customer appointment
  • Customer contact details
  • Customer information sheet
  • Delivery order approval list
  • OTIF approval list

Finance & Account

Finance & Account management

Summary of financial documents and cost report, also issuing an invoice to clients.

Popular Feature

  • Track COD payment from employee
  • Check COD payment transfer   
  • Costing report (Delivery Order)
  • Costing report (Shipping Order)
  • Quotation, Invoice, Recieve 

Oil Management

Oil management system & Fuel dispenser

Oil management system provides accurate measurement and usage of fuel oil consumption. The system allows to manage and change price by area  

Popular Feature

  • Calculate oil cost based on distance/mileage
  • Record the rate of oil price by DC
  • Record oil price by date
  • Support API connection to petrol station
  • Oil fill-up quota management
  • Support connection with smart phone

Maintenance Tracking

Maintenance tracking management

Keeping track of vehicle maintenance schedule, car insurance, oil and transportation expenses. Automatically notify when maintenance is needed ensures driver safety and avoids legal problems.

Popular Feature

  • Display transportation list by type
  • Summary report of all lists in the system
  • Notify list of missed car tax payment
  • Notify list of car insurance renewal
  • Notify list of product liability insurance 
  • Record vehicle accidents
  • Notify vehicle repair by systems
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule

Track Availability

Vehicletracking Availability

Track and check the status of transport vehicle available in the system. With real time tracking, the complexity of customer management and vehicle planning will be considerably reduced. 

Popular Feature

  • Display list of transport vehicle by type
  • Display causes of vehicle stop running 
  • Display list of vehicle sent for maintenance
  • Display vehicle list of available
  • Display density, workload
  • Display daily/monthly overview of status
  • Export data to Excel
  • Categorize distribution center

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time vehicle tracking by phone

Utilize GPS signal to identify and track the location of any parcels at any moment in time. Whether a parcel is successfully delivered. 

Popular Feature

  • Display vehicle position via Mobile-GPS
  • Display vehicle position on graphic map
  • Display delivery status of each transport vehicle
  • Display vehicle position associated with latitude and longitude
  • Display list of delivery problems

Business Report

Business report data

Summary report presented in graphical form and มุมมองตารางงาน easier to access and search for data through systematic data evaluation.

Popular Feature

  • Delivery status summary report
  • Daily delivery report
  • Monthly shipping note report
  • COD delivery report
  • Dash Board OTIF (Internal)
  • Display report based on certain time period

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